Our Locations


Hotkitchen works as well in the Netherlands as France together with different locations. 

Hotkitchen can provide a complete event from A to Z, at a location provided by the clients. But you can also use our selected locations. We work very close with our locations and have an excellent relation so you can take advantage of exclusive prices. 

Hotkitchen also has a selection of Food trucks. They have a wok bicycle, a sushi car and a truck that can be customized for each specific theme. 

A selection of our locations where we closely cooperate with: 

THE MANSION - Amsterdam / DE LICHTFABRIEK - Haarlem/ 


BEAU CAS - Sainte-Maxime / 

Our partners


A selection of our partners where we proudly work for since 1999 :

LEVI'S                                                       BASTARD
NUTRICIA                                                  ATAG

AYDEN                                                      NUDI JEANS


MOLLIES                                                  TOMMY HILFIGER

ADIDAS                                                     DIESEL

MARLIES DEKKERS                                TALPA 

RTL 4                                                        HUISHOUDBEURS


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